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Spa Gift Basket Handmade

This is a father's day gift basket made with love in the heart of the dad of your choice. Our hand-made natural soap is then enriched with dark chocolate to make a special treat for you and him together. The basket is capped with a layer of top so you can write either your love ones name or any other desired thing for him to find. Let's make this a special day together and enjoy the indirectly natural soap and chocolate together.

Best Spa Gift Basket Handmade Features

This is a handmade spa basket that includes a soapy soap dispenser and a watermelon popsicle bath bomb. It is a great gift for a spa visitor or for herself/him/her to use at home.
our handmade spa basket set contains: 2- color crochet spa basket with a blue "mens" design and green "new" design, 2- color bath gray blue mens hoodie gift set, and 2- color blue dress shoes.
this is a 12pc. Handmade mothers day birthday journal spa rose gift basket. It is a great way to write a big thank you to your friends and family for all the support you've given you throughout the year. The gift basket has a variety of infertility-specific items, such as products from the industry's top brand name products, or recommended by the gift basket designer. And of course, the gift basket comes with plenty of spa rose design materials, such as a photo album and table mat.